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Nestled in the suburbs just northwest of Downtown Atlanta, Vinings is one of Cobb County’s most sought after areas.

Vinings, Georgia

Located alongside the Chattahoochee River and a mere ten miles northwest of Downtown Atlanta, Vinings contains the perfect blend of Southern charm and modern day sophistication. Home to over 9600 residents, Vinings is an unincorporated town that was originally known as Crossroads and then Paces back in 1830.

From Ferry Station to Railroad Station to Small Town Southern Sophistication

By the 1830s, Vinings was known for its proximity to the Chattahoochee River and the ferry stations that lined the area. At that time, Vinings was known as Paces and was named for Hardy Pace.  Pace owned and operated Paces Ferry which shuttled inhabitants back and forth between Atlanta, Vinings and Buckhead.  Later, in the 1840’s, Vinings earned it official name when the area became a construction stop on the Western and Atlantic Railroad.  The principal architect at this stop was William H. Vining who was there to construct a railroad bridge.  During this time, numerous supplies were sent to “Vining’s station” and soon the Vinings name was adopted. Read More Vinings History…

Vinings Historic Preservation Society

Founded in 1993 by the Ruth Carter Vanneman Foundation, this non-profit, charitable organization is all about the preservation of historic sites and spirit of Vinings. Offering locals and visitors’ education and information regarding the origins of Vinings as well as the historic architecture of this charming Southern town, the Vinings Historic Preservation Society is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in becoming involved in the community as well as those curious about the area.


With historic sites and attractions such as: the Pace House and Silver Comet Trail alongside modern architectural structures such as; the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, there is something for everyone in this progressive Southern town.

Because of its proximity to the Chattahoochee River, Vinings possesses a natural beauty that is undeniable. As the site of several outdoor festivals, parades, concerts and farmers markets, Vinings is the ideal escape from the stress and strife of the big city.


Not only does Vinings offer natural attractions and family friendly events, the town incorporates high fashion, elegant dining and top notch entertainment which offers visitors and locals a plethora of ways to explore and enjoy this unique town. Many of the town’s biggest events take place in the Historic Vinings area in such venues as Vinings Jubilee which is a beautiful outdoor shopping center located in the heart of the city.


Nestled in the northwestern suburbs of Atlanta, Vinings is one of Cobb County’s most sought after neighborhoods. Beautiful homes, excellent schools and low taxes are just a few of the reasons why many people flock to the chic area.


Vinings offers up mild weather with an average temperature of 65 degrees and is known for its large amounts of rainfall per year which explain the lush, natural foliage and exceptional air quality.

Southern charm and modern day sophistication

It comes as no surprise that Vinings has captured the heart of many travelers and residents of this beautiful, charming little town that embodies the essence of the New South.